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About Us

Who We Are

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Edith's life is a testament to the power and potential of every individual. Growing up in the projects of Chicago, Edith moved to Minneapolis in the early 90’s.  She understands through her own experience the obstacles and systems challenges that can steer a person down a self-destructive path. Edith has been addicted to crack, sex trafficked and she spend 13 years in federal prison. She has been through countless drug treatment programs, attended relapse groups, and experienced homelessness. She also lost custody of her 3 children.   

Edith, herself,  has also been on the receiving end of outreach and social services. Having now been clean for years, Edith mentors and coordinates the case management of people in situations she understands through her own experience. She is committed to educating and activating the community in order to raise empathy for people experiencing homelessness. Edith is also committed to empowering her clients so they can not only improve their own situation, but become mentors to others.

What We Do

Edith’s House is a supportive housing ministry, providing low-barrier, affordable housing and supportive services such as connection to employment resources, access to dependency programs, food and other needs. Support is provided by Edith Perlin who works one-on-one with clients.

Edith’s House provides room rental housing where clients have their own room—space all to themselves—and share common areas. Edith works with each individual to understand their needs, give them a stable foundation and connect them with services. She encourages each of them and is available 24/7 when they have questions or challenges. Edith has rules for her residences to keep clients safe and to be “good neighbors”. Her faith guides all she does.

Edith’s House was founded in 2017 and is solely run by Edith Perlin. Edith’s House is committed to the highest standards of stewardship, using every dollar to achieve the greatest impact.

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